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By April 6, 2020 April 8th, 2020 Newsletter

Written by: Leah Howell, Jacksonville Community Center Director

It’s a very common phrase, heard almost daily, even in the best of times, but it takes on new meaning now, during this uncertain period: “How are you doing?Sometimes said in a lighthearted way, sometimes with seriousness and true concern for the other’s well being, and any manner in between.  Though the words are identical, the context and tone of that phrase indicates its intent. So today, as I think about all of JCC’s supporters, patrons, volunteers, and participants who are each living out their own version of quarantine, social distancing and (if we’re honest, for many of us) isolation, I wonder, “How are you doing,… really?” What is your true state of mind when you tune out some of the distractions? How have the past few weeks affected you? How are you imagining your life for the next few weeks or months as you continue to persevere through this time of coronavirus?  

For me, I am noticing as the time wears on, my inability to continue as before.  I realize I have been thrust into this circumstance equipped only with the tools I had when life was “normal.” My routines, patience, efficiencies, interpersonal communication skills, tolerance of others, worry, and expectations have all been developed and ingrained during times of social normalcy.  So naturally, these tools of mine are woefully inadequate for the situation at hand. This means I have an opportunity to develop some new skills and abilities, increasing my resilience. In fact, I would say our community is learning some new skills, using tools and resources not tapped until introduced to this new, unprecedented situation. 

Our organization has also begun to learn new skills and utilize new resources.  In normal times the Jacksonville Community Center is a place where our community comes together, activities are enjoyed, and new friends are made. During this time of coronavirus, those things won’t change, but they will look a bit different. Please engage in our growing community by Liking and Sharing our Facebook page to gather ideas for activities and find local resources.  Visit our Website where you can sign up for our Newsletter (sign up at bottom of page), read our Blog posts, and leave a comment under this post to let us know how you are doing (‘cause we do really want to know!)   Even though we cannot be together at the Center, you can still attend a class on Zoom, Youtube, or Facebook led by our instructors and board members: Lori, our wonderful Yoga teacher,  Kelly, our Zumba enthusiast, Joelle, who is doing a Kids Yoga series, and our board member Tiffany, who is offering Mindfulness coaching. (see information below) We can still continue to enjoy a taste of the community that has been built at the Jacksonville Community Center! 

And lastly, we know many charities and nonprofits are requesting funds during this challenging time. We do not want to discourage you from supporting key needs and services in our community, but if you have the ability to include the JCC in your giving, it will help us with the ongoing expenses that have not stopped even though the building is closed (Donate button at bottom of page) We are deeply appreciative of any contribution you can make.

We are grateful for your support,


Leah Howell

Center Director

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Virtual Classes:

  • FREE Zumba on Zoom with Kelly Peters
    • Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:30 PM
    • Download Zoom and click HERE to join.
  • Yoga (All Levels) on Zoom with Lori Grable
    • Email Lori at for instructions on how to pay.
    • Mondays 5:30 – 6:30 PM
      • Download Zoom and click HERE to join.
    • Wednesday 5:30 – 6:30 PM
      • Download Zoom and click HERE to join.
    • Fridays 10:30 – 11:30 AM
      • Download Zoom and click HERE to join.

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