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By February 6, 2020 February 28th, 2020 Newsletter

By: Jan Shipley

Tai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts (Chinese boxing), and has been dated as far back as 800 years. Originally, it was taught as a martial art and a wellness exercise to increase lifespan. 

Today, Tai Chi is practiced by men and women of all ages and incorporates, balance, breathing and slow movements of the entire body while relaxing the mind. Flexibility and a sense of wellbeing are just some of the benefits. 

Other benefits may include: 

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and depression 
  • Significant improvement in the quality of sleep 
  • Possible weight loss (with regular practice) 
  • Improved cognition in older adults (like paying attention and carrying out complex tasks). 
  • Reduction in the risk of falling in older adults. Studies show that after only 8 weeks of practice, falls are reduced and after 16 weeks are significantly reduced. 
  • Improved fibromyalgia symptoms in some people 
  • Improved COPD symptoms in some adults 
  • Improved balance and strength in adults with Parkinson’s 
  • Reduction of arthritis pain 

The Jacksonville Community Center is proud to highlight Pete Leonard, Tai Chi instructor for the Medford Parks and Recreation Center, the Medford Senior Center and the White City VA SORCC as our Tai Chi instructor. Join Pete each Wednesday from 10:45-11:45 am at the Jacksonville Community Center as you explore this time-honored art and discover its benefits ($5 donation). 

What people are saying about Tai Chi class:

“I LOVE this class. It forces me to be slow and calm in what is usually a fast-paced world. At 60, to gain new knowledge and keep my brain and body moving will be beneficial. This is my 4th class so I am a newbie but I am hooked. We have a wonderful teacher and this class is now a highlight of my week.” 

 “I have Parkinson’s and have been doing Tai Chi for about 2 years. You would think I’d be good by now but there is so much to learn. Pete is the best teacher I’ve had and I appreciate his time.” 

“Tai Chi has been great with balance, movement, and mental clarity. Being 80, it also helps with communicating. I taught school for 28 years and it is great to try different things.” 

Join Pete Leonard for a Tai Chi demonstration as part of the “Year of the Rat” Chinese New Year Celebration on Saturday, February 8th at the Jacksonville Community Center, 160 E Main St. Pete will be holding 2 special classes:

11:30 am-12:30 pm Beginning movements

12:30 pm-1:30 pm Intermediate movements. 

Click HERE for the full Chinese New Year celebration schedule.



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