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Community in the Time of Covid: Enjoying the Small Things

By April 23, 2020August 14th, 2021Newsletter

Written by: Jan Shipley

As the pandemic requires longer and longer “stay at home” time, I have begun to realize there are many things here that I never took the time to enjoy.  I now walk twice a day and it’s fun to take a different street in Jacksonville, admire the yards and even take note of the historic plaques on many of the homes.  A walk in front of the City Hall is a lesson in history with the notable insets on local times gone by (courtesy of the Jacksonville Boosters).  Hikes in the Jacksonville Woodlands, Beekman Trail and always my favorite, the Cemetery, are also delightful.  I’ve found that people are waving more, smiling more (even with masks, their eyes are smiling).  And I’ve taken more time in my garden.  Never one to plant much, I’ve discovered how satisfying it is to see the fruits of your labor…… bloom and grow.  Another thing I find both fulfilling and yummy is thumbing through my cookbooks and trying a new recipe.  How many people have shelves of cookbooks they rarely use?  I never turn on the TV until the news comes on at 5 and have found reading and crossword puzzles entertain me.  One last thing……no makeup!!!  As everyone does, I hope the pandemic is over soon–but I have enjoyed a quieter, peaceful time too.  


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