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How Your Gift Helps JCC

It is one thing to build a building—but bringing it to life with exciting activities, classes and events for all ages is really why the Jacksonville Community Center exists. And we’re off to a good start. Since our grand opening in January 2019 this is just a sample of what’s been happening there:

  • Kids exploding out the door, excited to tell about the family birthday party they just attended.
  • Lively preparations as dancers transform themselves into an impressive dragon for the Chinese New Year Parade.
  • The mutual support of a weekly A.A. group helping to maintain sobriety.
  • The joy of a long-married couple as their family surprises them with a 60th anniversary party.
  • Energetic meetings of the Boosters, Jacksonville Seniors and the Jacksonville Chamber.
  • The commitment from a room full of parents and children in a meeting about reducing toxin use in our community.
  • The Great Room filled with adults moving through the graceful positions of a Tai Chi class and a yoga class.
  • Children learning rhythm and notes while energetically playing on 5 gallon plastic buckets.
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After 20 years of dreams and hopes, the Center itself is complete. The capital campaign for the Center raised over $750,000, and we are so grateful for the support of the entire community during that time. Our community really came together to achieve this dream.

We are now in the next phase, building support from the community for the ongoing mission of the Center. Your gift will ensure that the future of JCC will be strong and vibrant.

Thank you for your support.

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