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Tribute to Frontline Workers, Congratulations to 2020 Grads, and a Guess Where Photo Competition

By June 3, 2020Newsletter

Written by: David Doi

About David Doi

Dave Doi has served on our Board of Directors for many years, contributing his energy, insight and creative eye.  His interesting life and background was featured in the Jacksonville Review in the January 2020 issue:

Dave Doi, Longtime Activist Remains Active – by Mike McClain

Sensational Seniors – December 2019/January 2020

“When I was a kid, I just wanted to play baseball, but I kept getting blamed for Pearl Harbor… and this was the climate I grew up in.” This quote from Jacksonville resident, Dave Doi, struck me as particularly poignant given the racial divide that our country still struggles with to this day. As the “Sensational Senior” subject of this issue of the Jacksonville Review, Dave’s personal and professional life is a rich story. More.

To me, the eagle symbolizes – power, beauty and splendor but mostly freedom. For that reason I dedicate this photo to our frontline workers that everyday go to work to preserve our freedom. 

This next photo I dedicate to the class of 2020. This photo represents challenge and excellence but most of all the attitude to “Go for it” which is my message to the 2020 graduates. 

I came out of retirement in January to become the Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Rogue Valley (RBTRV), the organization that former Jacksonville residents Sharon and Howard Johnson founded in 2013. This last photo is a promotion for RBTRV where our mission is to help low income elderly and people with disabilities remain safe in their home. 


I took these photos the past few years because they show some of the beauty of Southern Oregon. I really don’t qualify as a good amateur photographer but since the SLR camera went digital I can now take thousands of shots to get a handful of good ones which you see here. 

Check out these photos and see how much of a Southern Oregonian you are! Comment below to guess and be sure to include the photo number with your guesses!




PHOTO 1: Can you guess where this was taken from?






PHOTO 2: Can you guess where this was taken?















PHOTO 3: Can you guess where this was taken?











PHOTO 4: Can you name this flower?











PHOTO 5: Can you guess where this photo was taken?








PHOTO 6: Can you guess which forest this was taken? Bonus points if you can name the season.






PHOTO 7: Can you name this flower?








PHOTO 8: Can you caption this photo?


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