Tai Chi (Indoors)

  • Jacksonville Community Center Great Room
  • October 29, 2020
  • Thursday, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

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Tai Chi (Indoors)

Thursday, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
October 29, 2020


Tai Chi (Indoors)

Thursday, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
October 29, 2020


Practice Tai Chi and relax while you tone and gently exercise your body. Tai Chi incorporates balance, breathing, and slow movements of the entire body while relaxing your mind. Tai Chi will gradually improve your posture, balance, flexibility and sense of well being by the continued practice of this Chinese art form.

Tai Chi is taught Thursdays by Carolyn.   New students can begin the class anytime.

Cost: $5.00 donation (Scholarships available by request on the registration form.)

Audience: Adults

Instructor: Carolyn

We will not have Tai Chi on October 15th, but we will resume Tai Chi the following Thursday, October 22nd at 9 am.
It will be held INDOORS at the Jacksonville Community Center.

The regulations for indoor activities at the Jacksonville Community Center are:

  • All participants will fill out the same brief COVID questionnaire each time they participate in an activity.
  • Participants will be required to use face coverings at all times while in the facility.
  • Each participant is responsible for keeping themselves 6 feet in distance from others at all times.
  • Pre-registration for all indoor programs is required.
  • Windows and doors will be opened for ventilation during the activity.
  • Since we have closed the water fountains at the JCC, you will be encouraged to bring a personal bottle of water clearly marked with your name