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Line Dancing Zoom Class

Tuesday, 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
September 3, 2019


Jacksonville Community Center


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Line Dancing Zoom Class

Tuesday, 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
September 3, 2019


Join Teresa Hopkins, the JCC’s Line Dancing instructor, on Zoom.

Mondays at 1:00 PM

She will be teaching her class on Zoom so you can enjoy it from your home.

Let’s stay connected by dancing together!

Teresa will be teaching the class in two 40 minute sessions with a 5-minute water break.  Once the first session is completed click on the link again to re-join the class. The links and instructions for Zoom can be found below.

Participants will be able to access the Zoom class without payment.
However, to support our ongoing class offerings, we greatly appreciate donations at this time.

Click HERE to make a $5-$10 donation in support of the Jacksonville Community Center.

We appreciate your support and involvement!

Tips from Teresa Before Class:

Because this is a line dancing teaching session:

  • Viewing this class on the largest screen possible is probably better.
  • You need to be able to set your screen up in a space where you have room to dance.
  • Try to set it up closer to eye level when you’re standing.
  • Most importantly, consider your floor.  A bare wood floor is best.  A tile floor is next best — a little harder on the joints, but and hour or so should be fine.  I don’t recommend trying it on a rug; it is easy to tweak a knee when we move sideways.

Zoom Instructions:

Zoom can be accessed via a web browser, phone, or iPad. 

  1. Prior to your first class, download the Zoom app. 
    1. https//
  1. Make a donation for the class. Click HERE to donate via Paypal. Please make note that it’s for the Zoom Line Dance class. Participants will not be turned away for inability to pay. 

Please set up your Zoom account prior to your first class. Once the class begins, the instructor will automatically mute everyone to ensure that the video footage stays on the instructor.  If you have a question, use the unmute function and say “Excuse me I have a question”.

If you experience problems seeing other participants’ videos, select the instructor’s video, and click “Pin Video”. Keeping your video on also demands more of your WiFi, so disable the video feature if you are experiencing delays.

Line Dancing Session at 1pm:
JCC Line Dancing
Time: Mondays at 1pm.

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Meeting ID: 898 9239 1575
Password: 9MgKXU