Historic Architecture in Jacksonville

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Historic Architecture in Jacksonville

Thursday, 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
October 29, 2020


Jacksonville Community Center




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Historic Architecture in Jacksonville

Thursday, 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
October 29, 2020


See how the variety of architectural styles in Jacksonville houses and buildings reflects historical trends over the years. Presentation followed by a guessing game. Questions and discussion to follow.

Cost: $5 Donation

Audience: Adults and Families

Presenter: Jeff LaLande

  • Registrations will be limited to the first 20 people who register and submit their payment.
  • Masks are required, social distance will be practiced, and a contract tracing questionnaire will be completed by each participant.
  • If you would like to bring your own lawn chair or camp chair feel free to do that. Folding chairs will be provided.

  1. Please be aware of the following requirements when participating in an INDOOR Jacksonville Community Center activity:
    • All participants will fill out a brief COVID questionnaire each time they participate in an activity. On that questionnaire you will agree that you have not, in the past 14 days, been in contact with anyone that you knew had COVID-19, and neither you nor anyone in your residence has in the past 7 days had a fever greater than 100 degrees, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing or loss of taste or smell. If any of the conditions apply to you, you may not participate in the activity. You will also be asked to provide basic contact information to use in the event contact tracing is necessary with an infected individual. Your information will only be used for this purpose and will not be shared or used for any other reason.
    • Participants will be required to use face coverings at all times while in the facility. We will have masks available for $1.00.
    • We will be posting signage that instructs all attendees to maintain 6 feet of physical distance, unless they are from the same family unit. Each participant is responsible for keeping their chair and/or themselves 6 feet in distance from others at all times.
    • We have closed the water fountains at the Center, please bring your own water, if necessary.