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Scouts in the Rogue Valley

By October 5, 2021October 25th, 2022Newsletter

As the Charter Organization Representative for our local Cub Scout Pack 17 and Boy Scout Troop 17, I’m happy to report that our local organizations are vibrant and active in Jacksonville.  The task of Charter Organization Representative is to report to the Jacksonville-Applegate Rotary Club as the Charter Organization or supporting board for both the Cub Scout Pack and the Boy Scout Troop.

Although COVID has forced both the Pack and the Troop to curtail many activities over the last year, they have been able to involve a lot of kids in activities that promote advancement in rank, good health, exceptional behavior, and good wholesome comradery.  Meetings are held outdoors with mandatory masks and social distancing.

On February 1, 2019 when females were allowed to join Boy Scouts,  we as leaders were admittedly somewhat nervous about how many females we would see join the ranks in both the Pack and the Troop.  Joyously, we had several young ladies sign on with both the Pack and the Troop.  All of these fine young women are eager and willing to complete the necessary tasks to further their scouting goals.  Honestly, I’m quite impressed with the girls in the Troop who have eagerly stepped up to be part of this detailed, and sometimes daunting, ongoing pursuit of achievement. 

With the admittance of females into Scouts, the governing bodies of the “Boy Scouts of America” were faced with a name change to include females, which is now called “Scouts BSA”. 

Throughout the year the scouts get to enjoy, hiking, camping, and backpacking which is designed to become a second nature task to teach self-reliance, independence, and organizational skills to all who partake.  This is truly one of the most enjoyable parts of Scouts.

If COVID levels become safe, plans for future outings include Sea Base in Florida next year, Scouts National Jamboree in Virginia, and a canoe trip through the boundary waters in Northern Minnesota in coming years.

Both the Pack and the Troop independently were able to take in a week at Resident Camp this year in the wake of COVID, which was very promotional in making Scouting fun, educational, and achievement oriented.

Fundraising activities such as Christmas tree pickup, Medford Cruise parking, local car washes, garage sales, pie sales, popcorn sales, and local donation requests have been instrumental in keeping this fine local organization alive.

Any and all of Jacksonville communities’ young citizens are welcome to attend a local Scout meeting to find out if the Pack or the Troop is a good fit for them.

Our scouting program is designed to give kids and young adults the skills they need to unlock their full potential and live life outside – It’s way more fun out there!

On the personal side.  I grew up in Hillsboro, Oregon and graduated from Hillsboro High school in 1982.  I attended Oregon State University and graduated with a bachelor of science in Microbiology.  I was accepted the OHSU school of dentistry in 1987 and graduated in 1991.  After working for Gentle Dental, Inc. for nearly two years as a general dentist, I was able to significantly hone my skills at their location in Hillsboro, Oregon.  While at Gentle Dental, I began my set my sights on private practice in a small town with the newly acquired skills that I still put to use today.  When I moved to Jacksonville in 1993 and purchased an existing practice, I knew I had found my home.  As a practicing dentist in Jacksonville for 28 years, I’m proud to be a contributing member of the healthcare profession in this ever changing dental setting.   It’s truly been an interesting and fun adventure!

In Scouting Service,

Rex Miller, DMD


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